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The OT is amazed at the sudden progress! She said she asked Finn to get his shoes and he knew where to go. He laid on his belly to do obstacles for her. Even requested to get on the yoga call which he screamed the entire time we were “half- on” it a few weeks ago. He looked at her and smiled with excitement.

He Fed the cow play dough with fork and she said he did so well!

He was happy before we went in touching a man’s shoe and smiling and jumping up and down at him. The man was nice and said hello and so did his wife.¬†After therapy he saw a woman and walked up to her and smiled and jumped while looking at her. so strange to se this social side, so wonderful I should say.

Finn mimicked me today when I shook my finger and said no no no. He did this three times with me. His eye contact has been so good. He tried to say up when I sang “ring around the rosie” and when I paused to say “down” he patted the table for down :).

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