Date: Started: Stopped: Notes/Reactions: Amount/Dosage
12/08/2014 MB12 Shots For a full list fo the effects see cycles: 25 mg/ml daily
2/6/2015 Supplements DRN Multivitamin, Folinc cid, Calcium Citrate, Vit D3, ProEfa Fis Oil, Iron, ReadiSorb/Glutathione see here
3/9/2015 Transdermal GSH Cream 1ml twice a day on back
3/9/2015 Silymarin Liver Support
5/2/2015 Stopped Glutathione Seems to be able to undertaand a little more. Is not tantrumming as much. Better transitioning. 3 baby scoops
5/2/2015 Stopped ProEfa and Start EPA DHA
5/2/2015 CalMag Plus Stopped Calcium CItrate Switching out calcium for calcium magniesum. It more easily absorbed. 2/3 scoop twice daily)
5/2/2015 Start EPA DHA Stopped ProEfa 2tsp daily
5/2/2015 Dr N Multivitamin Multivitamin (Intrakid) 1/4 tsp twice daily
5/16/2015 Camel Milk Good for improvement of cognition
5/17/2015 Zinc Stopped to start Piccolante soon. 1 capsule a day
5/18/2015 Camel Milk Reacted badly with tantrums almost immediatebly after for hours. Possible CFD? Should we do Leucorovin? 8oz
5/18/2015 11 Strain Probiotics Seems to be able to undertaand a little more. Is not tantrumming as much. Better transitioning. 3 baby scoops
5/12/2015 Chlorella To help treat Aluminum 5 tabs a day
5/20/2015 Humaworm Parasites every day
5/21/2015 Biltricide Parasites 3 capsule once every two weeks.
5/20/2015 Nystatin
5/25/2015 Black Currant Oil 1/2 gel daily
5/25/2015 Vitamin K2 a/2 capsule a day
5/26/2015 Fiji Water Helps to draw Aluminum* 40oz
5/27/2015 Vermex Parasites 5 drops twice daily
5/26/2015 Nystatin Dr Oswari 3 weeks
5/27/2015 Humaworm Parasites 5 drops twice daily
5/30/2015 Liquid Carnosine
5/30/2015 Chlorella Dr Oswari
6/09/2015 Flagyl Dr Oswari
6/16/2015 Nystatin Stopping while treating yeast with Flagyl
6/27/2015 Clay & Epsom Salt Baths Baking Soda + Epsom Salt+Jojoba Oil + Clay
7/08/2015 Flagyl Dr Oswari 5 weeks
8/8/2015 High Folininc Increases over 6 weeks
8/8/2015 Metronidazole/Flagyl From Dr N oral suspension three times a day every 8 hours
8/8/2015 Nystatin From Dr N 3 times a day
8/10/2015 Calcium Mag Dr N requests
8/10/2015 Calcium Citrate 1 capsule twice d day
8/20/2015 rearranged supplements to maximize effects Vit C and Iron together awa y from food. Zinc at night. Probiotic on empty stomach in morning. Calcium before meals to help with Oxalates and away from Zinc. Fish Oil with Calcium and Vitamins.
8/24/2015 11 Strain Probiotics Seems to be able to understand a little more. Is not tantrumming as much. Better transitioning. Seems to be helping him overcome yeast as well. As of the last 5-7 days the yeast die off that has lasted from 7/23- until now seems to be dying down. Still grinding teeth bad, especially around moon but it is a bit better. 3 baby scoops
9/04/2015 Stopped Vermex Will only give before, during, after full moon 5 drops morning and night
9/04/2015 Flagyl Was advised by FAW group that this is too risky!!!!
9/05/2015 Glutathione (transdermal & oral) Was informed via FAW that this needs to be dropped before chelation
9/05/2015 Iron Was informed via FAW that this needs to be dropped before chelation
9/05/2015 Fiji Water Does not draw out Aluminum, does contain some Arsenic, low quality water. 40oz
9/11/2015 High Folinic/Leucorovin Ran out and figured we saw no changes. 1.25ml twice daily
9/11/2015 High Folinic/Leucorovin Pick it back up was told changes can still be seen. 1.25ml twice daily
9/17/2015 Amino Acid Powder Contains Gutamate. We are in excess and need to balance GABA 1/3tsp (2xs) daily
9/17/2015 Liquid Carnosine No real need. Saw no changes on it. Did few month trial 1/4tsp
Finn has been sleepy tired moping around since last week??? Is it the Amino, Carnosine or Iron we stopped?
9/23/2015 Vit C Raw Food Not sure if this is causing loose stool again or not. Wanted something w/o absoribic acid. 1 pill split a day
9/24/2015 Magneisum Citrate This could be causing loose stools as citrate is a laxative. May switch the glycinate. 1 pill twice a day.
9/25/2015 Candex For Yeast management 1/2 pill a day
9/26/2015 GABA Spray Noticed he said “butt” lol the day after taking it. TO help with GABA/GLutamate balance. Also contains Lithum Orate to help with b12 transport. Started at 2 sprays worked up to 6.
9/26/2015 Frankincense carteri Essential Oil Began diffusing in room at night. Helps inflammation an speech. 2 drops with 100ml water.
9/27/2015 MTHFR Support This will help make BH4 which is a defect in our meythlation cycle. 1 capsule split dos
9/28/2015 RNA Respiratory Drops Suggested by Yasko per Heavy Metals Test. We have gotten a few words in the last few days. We are seeing increased awareness. 1/8 dropper to start
10/1/2015 High Folinic Saw no changes during our 8 week trial.Only seeing changes after Probiotic. 1.25ml
10/2/2015 Lithium Orate Build up process. Helps with b12 transport folic acid into the cells, inhibits glutamate overactivity enhances Start at 1/2 pill twice daily
10/4/2015 L-Thenaline GABA production. 1/4 capsule
10/4/2015 ACE Adrenal Fatigue…. Has been irritable the last few days at night and in morning. Not sure if from Lithium or ACE.
No more new words… Was Folinc helping
1/2 capsule
10/5/2015 CBS Kidney 1 capsule split dose
11/2/2015 Lithium Orate Increased 1 pill
11/5/2015 Saccharomyces Boulardii To help fight Clostridia 1 pill split dose
11/08/2015 NADh Cellular energy 1 tablet
11.20/2015 Arctic Cod Liver Oil Change up the fish oils. NO soy proteins. 1 tsp a day
11/27/2015 5-MTHF Adding Meythl donor in hopes for words. 1/4 capsule daily
12/04/2015 ATP Energy and BH4 increasing 1 capsule daily
12/24/2015 GABA Spray He didnt want to take it anymore. Used by spraying in juice but redundant since its not enough gaba and we do lithium seperate. 6 sprays daily
12/05/2015 Rhodiola Lowers Glutamate 1/2 capsule daily
1/07/2016 GABA GABA/Glutamate balance 1 capsule split daily
1/06/2016 SAMe New powder 1/4 capsule daily
1/06/2016 Phos Cho Nuero support, speech, pathways 1/4 tsp daily
11/07/2016 MB12+5-MTHF teeth grinding 2 drops + 1/4 capsule
01/17/2016 Potassium needed per yasko report and since supplementing Lithium 13 drops
01/20/2016 Adensoyl B12  


more b vitamins, teeth grinding.
1/20/2016 Hemp Pro Protein needs protein, helps with ammonia 1/3 cup
1/20/2016 Royal Jelly to increase BH4 1 tsp daily
1/31/2016 Phos Cho Contains Alcohol 2/3 tsp
2/1/2016 DMG .25ml
2/1/2016 GABA Increased and saw immediate increas ein babbling. Is it this or the DMG? Or ALA??? 2/3 capsue twice daily
2/3/2016 Kyana FX Nitric Oxide. Tracking here 1 dropperful 2 x’s daily
2/1/2016 GABA Increased until Urine Amino Acids test 1 capsule twice daily(500 mg)
2/22/2016 Thorne + Lactoferrin
2/28/2016 GABA New brand higher mg 2/3 capsue twice daily(700 mg)
2/29/2016 DMG nothing yet .75ml (once)
2/12/2017 Berberine Seems a bit more aware nothing too crazy. He hates fishy but were getting it in. Sprinkle from 1 capsule day (strong taste so only a bit at time)
2/12/2017 Mag Oil Nothing noticable. He likes feet rubbed and itches from spray even in carrier. Couple of sprays with Jojoba on feet
2/12/2017 Omega Junior Fish Oil & Gummy Fish Seems a bit more aware nothing too crazy. He hates fishy but were getting it in. 2 oil gel capsules and one fishy
2/20/2017 5-MTHF Folinic Acid Want the meythlated form 1 capsule a day
3/10/2017 Biotin To help keep away Yeast 1/3 capsule a day
3/20/2017 Camel Milk Started with one stick. Seeing improvements all around! 1 stick a day
3/27/2017 Core 4 Individual (C,E,Mag&Zinc) Replaced individuals with Core 4 for chelation 2-3 capsules a day
3/27/2017 ACE For chelation prep 1 capsule
3/29/2017 Omega Junior Fish Oil & Gumy FishOmega 3 capsule Gummy Fish (hated it) Replace the fishy/gummy with a comparable gel capsule. Much easier! 3 capsules (2+1)
3/30/2017 Baking Soda Adding to banana and egg pancakes. Supposed to help with ph balance due to alkalinity and helps with H.Pylori. 1/4 tsp
10/08/2018 Current list of supplements