Date: Test Name: Test Type Draw Results Plan of Action Link to File
12/04/14 MB12 Blood Dr N Positive for 2 copies of Homozygous MTHFR A129C Tri Daily(6 weeks)to Daily Mb12 Shots
12/04/14 Vitamin D & Iron Blood Dr N Deficient Supplement
Vitamin D & Iron
12/04/14 Homocysteine, Folic, & Amino Plasma Blood Dr N unsure Supplement
Folic & Plasma
2/26/2015 Allergy -Full Blood 27 Allergies, no true allergies (IgG) Remove allergic foods and reintroduce by severity after 3-9 months.
IgG IgE Allergy
2/26/2015 Fragile X Blood Dr N. negative none
Fragile X
4/16/2015 Nut Panel Blood Quest No True Alergies to Nuts Can re-introduce nuts after 3-6 months
Nut Panel
5/14/2015 OAT Urine Great Plains Very High levels for Oxalates. Need CoQ10 supplementation, Some Yeast, A lot of Clostridum, Flagyl – to treat ClostridiumNystatin – to treat SporesVitamin C -Calcium – before food for OxalatesUbiquinol –
OAT Test
6/2/2015 Porhpyrins Urine Doctors Data Heavy Metals Present Possible Mercury, Aluminum and Lead. Not 100% accurate…
6/25/2015 DNA – Detox Saliva 23andme CYP2C19*17 rs12248560 +/+SOD2A16Vrs4880 +/+heterozygous mutations to be added… TBD
Detox – Genetic
6/25/2015 DNA – Methylation Saliva 23andme +/+ MTHFR A1298C,
+/+ VDR Bsm rs1544410,
+/+ MAO-A RS2228570,
+/+BHMT RS651852, +/-CBS C699T
Methylation Genetic
7/23/2015 L-Carnitine Blood Quest No Issues none
7/23/2015 Amino Acids Blood Quest only amino acid of interest after an “equivocal number of hour fast –> what was stated was anywhere from 7-9 hours” was sarcosine at 13 (RR <4). none needed
Amino Acids
8/15/2015 Toxic Elements Hair Doctors Data Dr. Yasko ALA
Heavy Metals
09/08/15 Bilirubin, Liver Function Blood Quest Dr Neubrander said it was fine! none
12/01/2015 Viral check Blood Quest Dr Elliot Lyme, Herpes, Carnitine all fine. Rubella and Mumps present.
Viral Levels
02/14/2016 Toxic Elements Hair Doctors Data Dr. Yasko DMSA
thumbnail of Finn Schureman HMT comments 2.19.2016
Heavy Metals (2)
02/14/2016 Metabolic Hair Doctors Data Dr. Yasko TBD
thumbnail of Finn Schureman MAP comments 3.28.2016
Metabolic Panel
05/20/2016 Metabolic,Thyroid, Ferritin Blood Quest Dr. Oswari Potasium High, Low Vit D, Dehydrated
Thryoid, Ferritin, Pottasium



01/24/2018 Metabolic Blood Quest Dr. Elliot Many items have moved from high need to borderline, but also some low ned to borderline.
Metabolic Panel



01/24/2018 Heavy Metals Urine Quest Dr. Elliot * Note: Add last blood test before this for virals! High Lead, and others metals excreted post edtaiv challenge test
Heavy Metals (3)



07/13/2018 Heavy Metals Blood Quest Dr. Elliot High Lead, and others metals excreted post edtaiv challenge test
Heavy Metals (4)